this is a digital representation of a side of a split cassette done with Slime Mob in April of 2016...
it was recorded by dave go and the guy from beastmaster in a series of live rehearsal recordings and rambling improvs some with nick F. (florida equals death) on drums, some without.
songs edited out of the whole whorl and miasma to make one 15 minute shrug...
thanks: Michael James


"i'm a bird; i'm a cloud..."


from living will​.​.​., released April 28, 2016
dave go: banjo, vocals, guitar, back-up vocals, percussion, dropped things, tapes, samples, keyboards
the guy from beastmaster: keyboards, samples, tapes, dropped things, percussion, back-up vocals, guitar, vocals, banjo
nick F. : drums, percussion




dave Go and the Guy from Beastmaster Connecticut

dave Go and the guy from beastmaster have been creating side by side for several years. this is their most recent collection of recordings.

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